GCSE Maths Revision Classes

Our GCSE Maths courses are designed for the Edexcel (9-1) specification. These classes are led by experienced teachers who have a wealth of tips and tricks to help students do well in their exams. Students are given handouts including notes and past-paper questions to support their learning. These courses are designed for Higher Tier students.

Easter Crash Course for Teacher Assessed Grades

Our two-day courses are designed to prepare students for their teacher-graded assessments. Tutors will review key sections of the syllabus, enabling students to identify and address any gaps in their knowledge. It’s likely teachers will use topic tests to inform the grades they award. Therefore, our tutors will use past paper questions throughout their teaching to demonstrate how best to apply knowledge to exam questions.

Summer Catch Up Course

These two-day online courses are designed to give students who are going into Year 11 a head start in the new academic year. Tutors will review all Year 10 material, refreshing knowledge of content which may have been forgotten over the summer. Any gaps in learning which may hinder progress in Year 11 will be identified and addressed by the tutor. Students will leave the course with a solid foundation to build on their final year of GCSEs.
Maths GCSE Exam Technique Classes

Exam Technique Course

Our one-day courses are designed to help students maximise their marks. Tutors will use past papers to show students how to approach different types of exam questions. Long-answer questions will be broken down so students can identify relevant content to include and learn how to structure questions effectively. Tutors will share tips and tricks on how to manage time so students won’t feel like they’re racing against the clock.
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