AS and A-level Maths Classes

We run different types of courses throughout the academic year. From one-day courses for Statistics and Mechanics to intensive crash courses which prepare students for their final exams, our courses are designed to support AS and A-level students at every stage of their academic journey. Our Maths courses are tailored to the Edexcel specification. If you do a different exam board you are welcome to join the course as the content is the same, but be aware that the past paper questions used will be from Edexcel.

Our subject specialist tutors receive consistently good feedback from students. Their enthusiastic and accessible teaching styles enable students to feel confident asking questions and interacting in discussions. Their expert knowledge and fresh teaching approach will help everything click into place.

Learners are provided with high-quality, comprehensive and original material including notes, guides and question booklets. These resources have been specially created to supplement the learning experience and support students beyond the course.

May Half-term AS-level Recap Course

Our two-day courses are a great way for Year 12 students to consolidate all AS content. Our tutors will guide students through the entire syllabus, helping to identify gaps in knowledge and address common misconceptions. Tutors will use past-paper questions throughout their teaching to consolidate knowledge and perfect exam technique. These skills will help students prepare for end-of-year and mock exams and can also be applied in Year 13.

Summer Refresher Course

These three-day online courses are designed to give students who are going into Year 13 a head start in the new academic year. Tutors will review all Year 12 material, refreshing knowledge of content which may have been forgotten over the summer. Any gaps in learning which may hinder progress in Year 13 will be identified and addressed by the tutor. Students will leave the course with a solid foundation to build on their final year of A-levels.
Online Maths A-level Booster Classes

Autumn A-level Booster Course

These courses are designed to give Year 13 students a head start in their final year of A-levels. Tutors will guide students through Year 12 content before teaching selected Year 13 material; this content will support students with their learning in school. Exam questions will be used throughout teaching to consolidate knowledge. The exam technique and skills learnt on the course will enable students to perform consistently well throughout the year.
Maths A-level Christmas Mock Prep Classes

Christmas A-level Mock Preparation

Our two-day courses are the perfect way for students to prepare for their January mock exams. Tutors will revise key content from the syllabus before focusing on perfecting exam technique, identifying common pitfalls and encouraging students to think like an examiner, enabling them to meet assessment objectives and score top marks every time.

Easter A-level Crash Course for Teacher Assessed Grades

Our three-day courses are designed to prepare students for their teacher-graded assessments. Tutors will review key sections of the syllabus, enabling students to identify and address any gaps in their knowledge. It’s likely teachers will use topic tests to inform the grades they award. Therefore, our tutors will use past paper questions throughout their teaching to demonstrate how best to apply knowledge to exam questions.
Maths Aiming for A* Classes

Aiming for A*

This one-day online course is designed for students aiming for an A*. Our tutors will focus on the syllabus’ most challenging content, identifying common mistakes that students make which prevent them from consistently achieving top grades. The toughest past paper questions will be used to show students the best methods and approaches to use within exam time constraints. Please note: This course is only suitable for students who are working at an A or above.

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