Maths AS-Level May Half Term Revision Classes

During the courses students will have the chance to go over the topics of each module, practice exam questions and improve their exam technique. These courses are designed for the new Edexcel maths specification.

Structure of the Days

Our Pure maths course runs over two days and our Statistics and Mechanics is one day. 

They are from 10.00am to 5.30pm everyday.

Registration is at 9.45am.

There will be a one-hour lunch break and a couple of 10-min breaks in the morning and afternoon sessions.

Lunch is not provided but there are places to eat near the school.


Harris Westminster Sixth Form

Steel House, 11 Tothill Street, London, SW1H 9LH

Course Content

AS-level Pure Maths
Day 1
Session 1: Algebra & Functions
– Law of Indices
– Surds
– Algebraic Manipulation
– Quadratic Functions
Session 2: Algebra & Functions
– Graphs and Transformations
– Functions
– Simultaneous Equations
– Inequalities
Session 3: Sequences & Series
– Binomial Expansion
Session 4: Coordinates
– Straight Lines
– Circles
Session 5: Vectors
– Vectors in Two Dimensions
– Position Vectors
– Vector Problems
Day 2
Session 1: Trigonometry
– Definitions and Graphs
– Sine and Cosine Rules
– Identities and Proofs
– Solving Equations
Session 2: Differentiation
– First Principles and Interpretation
– Methods of Differentiation
– Second Derivates
– Applications of Differentiation
Session 3: Integration
– Fundamental Theorem of Calculus
– Methods of Integration
– Definite Integrals
Session 4: Exponentials & Logarithms
– Properties and Graphs
– Laws of Logarithms
– Solving Equations
– Modelling Problems
Session 5
– Extra question practice on topics students request

Tutor: Jonathan Mabanta Moodliar

Jonathan has a BSc in Mathematics with a First-Class Honours from the University of Portsmouth. He completed his PGCE at Roehampton University in 2013 and has been working in different inner London schools ever since. He was a Key Stage 5 Coordinator of Mathematics and then eventually a Joint Head of Mathematics Department at Harris Academy Merton and is currently a Lead Practitioner in Mathematics at Lambeth Academy.

Jonathan is an experienced A-Level mathematics teacher, and also teaches Further Maths. He’s great at giving confidence while also pushing students to reach their potential.

JonathanM Foundation Maths
Nela Brockington

Tutor: Nela Brockington

Nela studied Medicine at Magdalen College, Oxford, and then completed a DPhil in Neuroscience. Following that she worked as a research scientist at Oxford, investigating various topics from skin sensation to visual perception, using maths every day to statistically analyse data and make mathematical models of brain function. In 2018 Nela qualified as a Mathematics Teacher. She particularly enjoys teaching A Level Mathematics, especially linking Statistics and Mechanics to the sciences and real-world questions. She believes that understanding Applied Maths helps us to understand how knowledge is generated in the world, from medicine to economics to sports science.


The tutor took a slow approach from first principles assuming we knew nothing, giving us all the information we needed to know


Going through a range of difficult questions was very useful


Different methods were used by the tutor to what I had used before to solve questions, some of which are much better

Dates & Bookings

Details Price Qty
AS-Level Pure Maths: 26-27th May 2020 £195.00 (GBP)   Expired
AS-Level Statistics and Mechanics: 28th May 2020 £115.00 (GBP)   Expired
AS-Level 3 Day Bundle: 26-28th May 2020 £275.00 (GBP)   Expired

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Details Price Qty
AS-Level Pure Maths: 26-27th May 2020 £195.00 (GBP)   Expired
AS-Level Statistics and Mechanics: 28th May 2020 £115.00 (GBP)   Expired
AS-Level 3 Day Bundle: 26-28th May 2020 £275.00 (GBP)   Expired