Biology GCSE Exam Technique Classes

These separate one day exam technique courses are the perfect way to prepare for Papers 1 and 2. Our experienced tutor Andreas will guide students through the key skills required to get top marks. He will focus on how to approach answering different question formats from 2 mark up to those tricky 6 marks questions and show you what the examiners are looking for when they are marking. Key practicals will be revised and Andreas will use these to teach you important skills including methods, data presentation and finding uncertainties. Students will receive a practicals booklet and past paper questions by topic to take home with them. Full of tips and tricks to attain top marks, this course will leave students feeling confident and prepared going into their exams.
Please note: this course is for AQA Higher Tier students

Structure of the Days

Classes are one day.

They are from 9.30am to 5pm everyday.

Registration is at 9.15am.

There will be a one-hour lunch break and a couple of 10-min breaks in the morning and afternoon sessions.

Lunch is not provided but there are places to eat around the school.


Harris Westminster Sixth Form

Steel House, 11 Tothill Street, London, SW1H 9LH

Course Content

GCSE Biology AQA
Session 1 – Approaching and Answering Questions
Command Words
Development of scientific thinking
– How scientific methods and theories develop over time
– Using models
– The power, limitations and ethics of science
– Peer review
Answering questions of different marks
Breaking down how examiners mark questions
Model Answers
Session 2 – Practicals
Key Practicals
Evaluating and planning experiments
– Hypotheses
– Methods
– Apparatus, technique and materials
– Sampling
Interpreting Data
Relating data to hypothesis
– Accuracy, precision, repeatability, reliability etc
Variables and controls
Constructing and interpreting data
Session 3 – Mathematics
Percentages, fractions and ratios
Rounding and significant figures
SI units
Orders of magnitude
(Inter)converting units
Equations you need to know
Changing the subject of an equation
Using equations to derive units, and units to derive equations
Session 4 – General
Evidence-based revision tips
The night before the exam
The morning of the exam
The exam itself (timings, technique, etc)

Tutor: Andreas Brown

Andreas is currently studying medicine at UCL. Before going to university he took a year out to tutor full-time, supporting students from GCSE up to A-Level. Andreas still enjoys tutoring alongside his studies. He focuses sessions on the most effective ways to learn the course content and, more importantly, how to translate this knowledge into answers that gain maximum marks. His warm personality will ensure you feel able to ask questions and lessons are fun and engaging.

Dates & Bookings

Details Price Qty
Biology AQA Paper 1: 9th May 2020 £80.00 (GBP)   Expired
Biology AQA Paper 2: 30th May 2020 £80.00 (GBP)   Expired
Biology AQA Paper 1 & 2 Bundle £145.00 (GBP)   Expired

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  • August 31, 2021
    6:15 pm - 7:15 pm
Details Price Qty
Biology AQA Paper 1: 9th May 2020 £80.00 (GBP)   Expired
Biology AQA Paper 2: 30th May 2020 £80.00 (GBP)   Expired
Biology AQA Paper 1 & 2 Bundle £145.00 (GBP)   Expired