GCSE Biology Revision Classes

Our Biology GCSE courses are designed for the new AQA specification. Our tutors specialise in teaching this exam board meaning they know the content and exam technique students need to do well in exams. Students are given handouts including notes, a guide to practicals and past-paper questions to support their learning. The courses are designed for Higher Tier students.

Easter Holidays Crash Course - Classroom

This two-day course is designed to help students revise all the content required for their summer exams. Alongside revision, tutors will use past paper questions to focus on exam technique. Any common misconceptions and mistakes will be identified and explained to the class to enable students to progress with their learning.
Biology GCSE Easter Revision Classes

Easter Holidays Crash Course - Online

This two-day online course will help students revise all the content required for their summer exams. Tutors will revise the entire GCSE specification, allowing students to fill in any gaps in knowledge in preparation for their upcoming exams. Past-paper questions will be used throughout the course to consolidate knowledge and perfect exam technique.

Exam Technique Course

Our one-day exam technique courses are designed to help students polish up the skills they need to maximise marks in their exams. We have separate courses for Paper 1 and Paper 2, each one will focus on the topics and skills required for each exam. Students can book these separately or as a bundle.

Summer Catch Up Course

These two-day online courses are designed to give students who are going into Year 11 a head start in the new academic year. Tutors will review all Year 10 material, refreshing knowledge of content which may have been forgotten over the summer. Students will leave the course with a solid foundation to build on their final year of GCSEs.
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